Idaho Forest Fire Lookout sites, active and abandoned sites listed. Revised September 4, 2020.

Key to column headings: ID - A numerical count, County - The county the Lookout is in, Topo Map - The name of the 7.5 minute topographic map the Lookout is on, Lookout Name - Name of active Lookout or inactive site, LO - Status of standing Lookout (see below), NHLR - A entry indicates the lookout is on the National Historic Lookout Register. The registration number is shown. Prom - The prominence value in feet, EL, ft. - Elevation in feet of the Lookout, EL - How elevation is determined. BM = benchmark survey disk nearby. Spot = spot elevation shown on the map. Inter. = No elevation shown so interpreted from contours. Forest - Name of National Forest Lookout is in, Park or Other - Other Land status, BM Name - The name of the benchmark disk near the Lookout, PID - The unique number or Position Identifier given by the USGS to each benchmark, YR - Year the benchmark disk was first placed, LO BM - A listing for the Lookout building itself. (This will give the most accurate coordinates for the building.)

Lookout Status Codes: A = structure in good condition, capable of being staffed. B = Dilapidated and needs work, but standing. C = Badly damaged or falling down. AS = usually staffed by Forest Service or CDF. AV = staffed by volunteers. AR = A rental Lookout. A (LO site) is where the building has been removed and there may be no evidence remaining, or it's status may be unknown.

ID County Topo Map Lookout Name NHLR LO Prom EL, ft. EL Forest Park or other use BM Name PID YR LO BM
1 Adams,Valley Brundage Mountain Brundage   AS 0 7552 BM Payette   Brundage RA1295 1959 RA1294
2 Boise Harris Creek Summit Hawley Mountain   B 2061 7301 BM Boise   Hawley OH1212 1959 OH1211
3 Boise Shafer Butte Shafer Butte 366 A 2702 7582 BM Boise   Shafer OH1215 1915 OH1216
4 Boundary Grass Mountain Saddle Mountain   A 2158 6893 BM Kaniksu   Saddle Reset TO1109 1934 TO1108
5 Custer Twin Peaks Twin Peaks 1002 AS 1045 10,340 BM Salmon-Challis   Twin Reset QA0689 1915 QA0690
6 Elmore Trinity Mountain Trinity Mountain   AS 2371 9451 BM Boise   Trinity OZ0992 1959 OZ0991
7 Idaho Heavens Gate Heavens Gate 789 AS 823 8429 BM Nez Perce Hells Canyon NRA (on bdy.) Heavens Gate RA1321 1945 DF4172
8 Idaho John Day Mountain Slate Point 798 AS 91 7291 Spot Nez Perce   none     none
9 Idaho John Day Mountain Nut Basin (LO site)     421 7741 Spot Nez Perce   none     none
10 Owyhee Cliffs South Mountain   A 2081 7801 BM   BLM land South Mountain NW0401 1973 none
11 Washington Sturgill Peak Sturgill Peak   AS 3429 7589 BM Payette   Stirgil QB1393 1907 QB1342