Pilot Knob Lookout, Idaho County, Idaho, Elevation = 7139 ft.

Located in the Nez Perce National Forest

The lookout building on Pilot Knob was built in 1939 to replace an earlier structure built in 1922. The building is in good shape and is currently staffed each summer. The building is a 14 ft. square L4 cab on a 10 ft. wooden tower. At our visit we met Gary Weber who has been working at this lookout for 38 years! The lookout is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register #793. Photo taken August 24, 2022.
Sign on the north side of the lookout. Revised elevation is now 7139 ft.
The primary benchmark is under the center of the tower. Pilot Knob 2 was placed in 1962. Datasheet: QZ0730