Black Mountain, Boundary County, Idaho, Elevation = 6096 ft.

Located in the Kaniksu National Forest

Black Mountain lookout is a 53 ft. timber tower with a 15 ft. square R-6 cab. The structure was moved from Faset in 1976. Previously there was a 40 ft. pole tower with an L-4 cab built in 1935. The lookout is in good condition and is staffed during fire emergencies. Photo taken July 1, 2015. We did not find a benchmark, but there was one at one time. Datasheet: TO0929

Update: After years of planning this tower was moved from this congested site to a ridgetop site about a half-mile away. The elevation and coordinates listed are not correct and I don't have data on the new location. The tower was erected at a reduced height and it is expected to be in the rental program in 2022. This lookout was saved due to hard work by Pat Hart, Bonners Ferry District Recreation Specialist with the support of District Ranger Kevin Knauth. More information is in the "Lookout Network" Vol. 31 No. 1-2 a publication of the Forest Fire Lookout Association.