Reports on peaks climbed on a September 2014 trip to Japan.

Asahidake, highpoint of Hokkaido, 2291 m.

Yotei-zan, another volcano on Hokkaido, 1898 m.

Iwate-san, in the northern alps, 2038 m.

Oku-shirane-san, Nikko region, 2578 m.

Kisokomaga-take, in the central alps, 2956 m.

Mount Fuji, highest mountain in Japan, 3776 m.

Mt. Amagi, highpoint of the Izu penninsula, 1405 m.

Mt. Kinashi, Mt. Fuji area, 1732 m.

A Google Earth file showing all of the 100 Famous Peaks of Japan, known as The Hyakumeizan, is provided here: Japan100.kmz Peaks shown in red have greater than 5,000 ft. (1524 m) of prominence. There are 21 of them.

A GPS waypoint file for the 100 Famous Peaks is available: Japan100.gpx This file can be loaded in many different GPS receivers using the free program EasyGPS. This free software is available at the Easy GPS website.