GPS Waypoint Lists - These files contain the location of peaks in either UTM coordinates or Latitude and Longitude. They are compatible with the free Waypoint+ program and can be uploaded to your Garmin GPS. Read these notes about accuracy and datums. Save these as a text file.

U.S.A. Waypoint Lists - Locations are in UTM and eastings and northings in meters using NAD27.

Note: I am gradually converting these files to a .gpx format which is more useful. The free program EasyGPS
can be use to load the files into most GPS receivers. The older Waypoint+ program has not been updated
and cannot handle a transfer using a USB port which most newer GPS units have.

 San Diego Peaks List , (gpx file)  Orange County List  Arizona Range Highpoints, (gpx file) 
 Desert Peaks List , (gpx file)  Ogul Peaks List  Arizona Prominent Peaks
 Hundred Peaks List   Nevada Peaks List  U. S. Tri-State Corners 
 Sierra Peaks List , (gpx file)  Fifty States Highpoints  Oregon >2000 ft. Prominent Peaks, (gpx file)
 Lower Peaks List     Nevada >1000 ft. Prominent Peaks, (gpx file)
This is the same as the file in the table below only in gpx format. Revised 4-21-2016
    Caifornia Range Highpoints 
 Wyoming, Wind River Range    California >980 ft. Prominent Peaks, Northern List 
    California >980 ft. Prominent Peaks, Southern List 

MyTopo (formerly Maptech) Waypoint Files - These files are for loading into the MyTopo Terrain Navigator Program.
Save on your computer. Start Terrain Navigator and on the top bar go to FILE then IMPORT then MARKERS and you will see
a listing of files on your computer and you find the saved file. These files have a .MXF suffix.

San Diego Peaks List Arizona Range Highpoints
Desert Peaks List Arizona Prominent Peaks
Hundred Peaks List Death Valley National Park List, 114 peaks Revised 1-6-2013
Sierra Peaks List California Range Highpoints
Nevada Peaks List, 73 peaks California, Northern section, 1518 Peaks Notes on this file.
  California, Middle section, 1761 Peaks Notes on this file.
  California, Southern section, 1447 Peaks Notes on this file.
  Nevada >1000 ft. Prominent Peaks, 1486 Peaks Notes on this file.  Revised 4-21-2016
  Walker Mountain, 11,563 ft. Sierra Nevada, New Range
  Southwest Arizona, Kofa NWR area, 334 Peaks with >300 ft. Prom.

U.S.A County Highpoint Waypoint Lists - These are gpx files of county high points.

Arizona County Highpoints Maine County Highpoints Utah County Highpoints
California County Highpoints Nevada County Highpoints  
Connecticut County Highpoints Oregon County Highpoints  

Foreign Waypoint Lists - Locations are in Latitude and Longitude in WGS 84 datum. After loading the list into your GPS receiver, change to a local grid and datum to match the maps you are using. For example for the Munro List change to the British Grid and to Ord Srvy GB datum. The display will change to the British Grid system and positions will agree with the Ordnance Survey maps you will most likely be using. The Mexico, Baja List has UTM coordinates in NAD27. The Norway Top 100 List has points in UTM using WGS84 datum. Thanks to Petter Bjorstad of Bergen, Norway for letting me post this data. Petter has done a lot of work compiling data on peaks in Norway and has a very useful website:

Scotland, The Munros, 282 Peaks, Munro_1.gpx England, Top 50 Prominent Peaks, Eng50.gpx Wales, Top 50 Prominent Peaks, Wales50.gpx
Scotland, Top 51 Prominent Peaks Mexico, Baja 2K Prominence List
Baja 2K List
, (gpx file)
Norway, Top 100 Prominent Peaks
Norway Top 100,
(gpx file)
The 100 Famous Peaks of Japan, known as The Hyakumeizan, Japan100.gpx    
Australia, 80 Peaks with 2000 ft. of Prominence plus a few extras. 108 peaks total. Australia2K_Prom.gpx   Data from the site. Thanks go to Jonathan de Ferranti and Aaron Maizlish for compiling this list. I have added some extra peaks and checked and refined coordinates using Google Earth.
Guatemala, A list of 25 volcanoes in the country. Not every one, but all the significant volcanoes. Guatemala.gpx

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