Selected Articles from Summit Magazine

Summit Magazine was started in November, 1955 by Jene Crenshaw and Helen Kilness, two ladies from Big Bear, California. The magazine was a monthly publication and ran until 1989. A new Summit - The Mountain Journal, was started in the spring of 1990 by a new owner David Swanson with editor John Harlan III. It was a quarterly publication which ran until the summer of 1996.

I have scanned and put up selected articles which contain stories of climbs and travels. Here is a list of articles and the issue they came from:

Note - These are pdf files which vary in size from 2 to 15 Megabytes. Acrobat Reader required.

1. December, 1963, "Baja's Pico del Diablo", by Craig Forrest.

2. July-August, 1964, "Our Ruwenzori Safari", by Ian Michael Wright.

3. September, 1964, "Exploring the Pinacate Region", by Niles and Louise Werner.

4. September, 1964, "Shiprock: it's nature and ascent", by Dwight Deal

5. July-August, 1968, "Knapsacking in Baja's High Country" by Arnold Yukelson and John Robinson.

6. May-June, 1989, "Norman Clyde - Giant of the Sierra", by Burton A. Falk.

7. Winter, 1994-95, "Pinnacles National Monument, California" by John Roper.

8. Spring, 1995, "Sierra La Laguna" by Chris Humphrey. A mountain range in southern Baja, Mexico.

A record of Norman Clyde's First Ascents in the Sierra Nevada.

Selected Articles from Baja Traveler

I have selcted some early articles from Baja Traveler. I believe this publication may still be active. There was another publication called Baja Explorer. I don't think this is still published.

1. Winter, 1988, "Baja's Tajo Canyon", by Bob Vinton.

2. Spring, 1989, "Climbing Picacho del Diablo", by Jerry Schad.

3. Summer, 1989, "La Bocana de Santo Tomas", by Jerry Schad.

4. Nov./Dec., 1991, "Exploring the East Side of Bahia Conception", by Bob Vinton.

5. Nov./Dec., 1992, "The Sierra Giganta Loop", by Bob Vinton.