California County High Points, township and benchmark table, revised October 2017.

Arranged generally alphabetically by county. There are 58 counties in California but there are only 56 peaks since two peaks are on the county lines and are the highpoints of both counties. The counties sharing a peak are Tulare/Inyo and Colusa/Lake.

Key to Column Headings:

ID = Sequential numbering. County = The name of the county. If two are listed then the peak is the highpoint of both counties.

Peak Name = The name as shown on the topo map. A Pxxxx ft. with the elevation of the peak if it is not named on the map. Names in parentheses are alternate unofficial names for the peak.

EL,ft = Elevation in feet. EL = How the elevation is shown on the map. A BM or VABM entry indicates a brass survey monument or benchmark is at the summit. Topo Map (7.5 min) = The topo map the peak is on.

Township = The township, range, and section number the peak is in. BM Name = The name stamped on the benchmark.

PID = The Permanent Identifier used by the USGS to identify benchmarks. Date = The year the benchmark was first placed.

ID County Peak Name EL,ft EL Topo Map (7.5 min) Township BM Name PID Date
1 Alameda P3830 ft (Discovery Peak) 3830 Inter. Mendenhall Springs T5S, R3E, SEC 7      
2 Alpine Sonora Peak 11459 Spot Sonora Pass T6N, R21E, SEC 23      
3 Amador P9410 ft (Thunder Mtn) 9410 Spot Caples Lake T10N, R17E, SEC 33      
4 Butte P7120 ft (Lost Lake Ridge) 7120 Inter. Humboldt Peak T26N, R5E, SEC 9/10      
5 Calaveras P8170 ft (Corral Ridge) 8170 Spot Tamarack T7N, R17E, SEC 2      
6 Colusa, Lake Snow Mtn East  7055 BM Crockett Peak T18N, R8W, SEC 27 Snow Mountain East  KT1916  1876
7 Contra Costa Mount Diablo 3864 VABM Clayton T1N/T1S, R1W/R1E Mount Diablo HS5120  1876
8 Del Norte Bear Mtn 6411 BM Devils Punchbowl T16N, R5E, SEC 7 Bear Mountain  MX1247  
9 El Dorado Freel Peak 10886 VABM Freel Peak T12N, R19E, SEC 31 Freel Peak JR1221  1893
10 Fresno North Palisade 14242 BM North Palisade T10S, R32E, SEC 7 North Palisade HR2629  1950
11 Glenn Black Butte 7455 BM Plaskett Meadows T22N, R9W, SEC 27 Black Butte  KT1944  1943
12 Humboldt Salmon Mtn 6962 BM Salmon Mtn T9N, R7E, SEC 8 Salmon Mtn MX1206  1952
13 Imperial Blue Angels Peak 4552 BM In-Ko-Pah Gorge T18S, R9E, SEC 8 Smuggler DC1889  1935
14 Kern Sawmill Mountain 8818 Spot Sawmill Mountain T9N, R21W, SEC 31      
15 Kings Table Mountain 3473 BM The Dark Hole T23S, R16E, SEC 30 King None 1942
16 Lassen Hat Mountain 8737 Spot Emerson Peak T38N, R16E, SEC 23      
17 Los Angeles Mount San Antonio 10064 BM Mount San Antonio T2N, R7W, SEC 6 Old Baldy Peak Cairn EV3735 1898
18 Madera Mt Ritter 13143 Spot Mt Ritter T3S, R25E, SEC 10      
19 Marin Mount Tamalpais 2567 Spot San Rafael T1N, R6W East Pk HT3388  1960
20 Mariposa Parsons Peak Ridge 12040 Inter. Vogelsang Peak T2S, R24E      
21 Mendocino Anthony Peak LO  6960 BM Mendocino Pass T23N, R10W, SEC 15 Anthony KT1958  1964
22 Merced Laveaga Peak 3804 BM Mariposa Peak T12S, R7E, SEC 14 Quien Sabe GU3575  1931
23 Modoc Eagle Peak  9897 BM Eagle Peak T40N, R16E, SEC 31 Eagle MW0747  1931
24 Mono White Mtn Peak 14252 BM White Mtn Peak T4S, R34E, SEC 5 White Mountain Peak HR2559  1950
25 Monterey Junipero Serra Peak 5857 BM Junipero Serra Peak T20S, R5E, SEC 34 Santa Lucia GU3676  1885
26 Napa P4220 ft (Mount St Helena East) 4220 Inter. Mount St Helena T10N, R7W, SEC 34      
27 Nevada Mt Lola 9148 BM Independence Lake T18N, R14E, SEC 11 Mount Lola 2 1963 KS2022  1963
28 Orange Santiago Peak 5690 BM Santiago Peak T5S, R6W, SEC 29 Santiago DX1779  1899
29 Placer P9060 ft. 9060 Inter. Martis Peak [CA-NV] T16N, R18E, SEC 6      
30 Plumas Mt Ingalls LO 8376 BM Mt Ingalls T25N, R12E, SEC 28 Ingalls KS1511  1931
31 Riverside San Jacinto Peak 10834 BM San Jacinto Peak T4S, R3E, SEC 21 San Jacinto DX5119  1898
32 Sacramento Carpenter BM 828 BM Clarksville T9N, R8E, SEC 9 Carpenter None  
33 San Benito San Benito Mountain 5247 BM San Benito Mtn T18S, R12E, SEC 10 San Benito GU3500  1931
34 San Bernardino San Gorgonio Mtn 11499 Spot San Gorgonio Mtn T1S, R2E, SEC 7      
35 San Diego Hot Springs Mtn 6533 BM Hot Springs Mtn T10S, R4E, SEC 8 Hot Springs DX4968  1939
36 San Francisco Mt Davidson 927 Spot San Francisco South T2S, R5W      
37 San Joaquin P3626 ft (Mt Boardman N) 3626 VABM Mt Boardman T5S, R5E, SEC 19 RP 18 None  
38 San Luis Obispo Caliente Mtn 5106 VABM Caliente Mtn T11N, R27W, SEC 16 Caliente USGS FU3684  1926
39 San Mateo Long Ridge 2620 Inter. Mindego Hill T7S, R3W, SEC 35      
40 Santa Barbara Big Pine Mountain 6820 Inter. Big Pine Mtn T7N, R26W, SEC 7      
41 Santa Clara Copernicus Peak 4380 Inter. Lick Observatory T7S, R3E, SEC 10      
42 Santa Cruz Mount McPherson 3234 BM Castle Rock Ridge T8S, R2W, SEC 21 Mount McPherson HT3273  1947
43 Shasta Lassen Peak 10462 BM Lassen Peak T31N, R4E, SEC 34 Lassen LT0688  1948
44 Sierra P8844 ft (Mt Lola North) 8844 Spot Independence Lake T18N, R14E, SEC 2      
45 Siskiyou Mt Shasta 14162 BM Mt Shasta T41N, R3W, SEC 9 Mount Shasta MX1015  1948
46 Solano Mt Vaca 2819 BM Mt Vaca T6N, R2W, SEC 5 Mt Vaca  None 1977
47 Sonoma P4500 ft (Cobb Mtn West Rim) 4500 Inter. Whispering Pines T11N, R8W, SEC 16      
48 Stanislaus Mt Stakes 3810 BM Mt Stakes T7S, R5E, SEC 15 Mount Stakes HS4854  1943
49 Sutter South Butte 2130 Inter. Sutter Buttes T16N, R1E, SEC 26      
50 Tehama Brokeoff Mountain 9235 BM Lassen Peak T30N, R4E, SEC 20 LV1  None  
51 Trinity Mount Eddy 9037 BM Mount Eddy T40N, R5W, SEC 18 Eddy MX1043  1920
52 Tulare, Inyo Mount Whitney 14505 BM Mount Whitney T16S, R34E, SEC 5 Whitney GT1811  1950
53 Tuolumne Mount Lyell 13120 BM Mount Lyell T2S, R24E, SEC 25 Lyell 2 HR2884  1952
54 Ventura Mount Pinos 8847 BM Sawmill Mountain T8N, R21W, SEC 6 Mount Pinos  EW7674  1941
55 Yolo Little Blue Ridge 3140 Inter. Wilson Valley T12N, R5W, SEC 9      
56 Yuba Sugar Pine Peak 4838 Inter. Strawberry Valley T20N, R9E, SEC 7