Arizona Mountain Ranges, Township and BM Table, Revised May 14, 2020.

The Mountain Ranges are listed in alphabetical order.

Mountain Range = The name of the mountain range. Peak or BM Name = The name of the highest peak in the range as shown on the topo map. A Pxxxx ft. with the elevation of the peak if it is not named on the map. Names in parentheses are alternate unofficial names for the peak. EL,ft = Elevation in feet. EL = How the elevation is shown on the map. A BM or VABM entry indicates a brass survey monument or benchmark is at the summit. Topo Map (7.5 min.) = The topo map the peak is on. Township = The township, range, and section number the peak is in. BM Name = The name stamped on the benchmark. PID = The Permanent Identifier used by the USGS to identify benchmarks. Use this to find the data sheet by searching the USGS web site. Go to:  If the PID is underlined and in blue then the datasheet is at this site.


Mountain Range

Peak or BM Name



Topo Map (7.5min)


BM Name

1 Agua Caliente Mountains Morris BM 1242 BM Hyder SE T5S, R11W, SEC 12 Morris DV1923
2 Agua Dulce Mountains Quitovaguita BM 2852 BM Agua Dulce Mountains T16S, R9W, SEC 24 Quitovaguita DA1412
3 Aguila Mountains Eagle BM 1802 BM Aguila Mountains NE T9S, R11W, SEC 13 Eagle DA1279
4 Ajo Range Mount Ajo 4811 BM Mount Ajo T16S, R4W, SEC 16 Sierra del Ajo DA1510
5 Alvarez Mountains Rocky Point BM 3404 BM Vamori T20S, R3E, SEC 1 Rocky Point CG1141
6 Aquarius Mountains P6236 ft 6236 BM Cedar Basin T17N, R11W, SEC 28 Bonner AZ MK CH2780
7 Artesa Mountains P3381 ft 3381 Spot Sells East T18S, R5E, SEC 9    
8 Artillery Mountains Madril Peak 3308 Spot Signal T12N, R13W, SEC 5    
9 Atascosa Mountains Atascosa Peak 6422 BM Ruby T23S, R12E, SEC 18   None
10 Baboquivari Mountains Baboquivari Peak 7734 BM Baboquivari Peak T19S, R7E, SEC 14   None
11 Batamote Mountains P3212 ft 3212 BM Burro Gap T11S, R5W, SEC 13 Papago DA1297
12 Bates Mountains Kino Peak 3199 BM Kino Peak T15S, R7W, SEC 23 Tesmo DA1309
13 Beaver Dam Mountains P5060 ft 5060 Inter. Mountain Sheep Spring T42N, R14W, SEC 32    
14 Belmont Mountains Belmont BM 3144 BM Belmont Mountain T4N, R6W, SEC 32 Belmont DV2206
15 Big Horn Mountains Big Horn Peak 3480 BM Big Horn Peak T3N, R9W, SEC 11 Big Horn Peak DV1893
16 Big Lue Mountains P7147 ft 7147 Spot Big Lue Mountains T4S, R31E, SEC 13    
17 Bill Williams Mountains P2700 ft 2700 Spot Mohave Springs T12N, R17W, SEC 7    
18 Black Mountains Tres Alamos 4296 BM Date Creek Ranch NW T11N, R9W, SEC 34 Sawyer ET1048
19 Black Mountains Mount Perkins 5459 BM Mount Perkins T25N, R21W, SEC 10 Perkins FS1169
20 Blackjack Mountains P4851 ft 4851 Spot Haystack Butte T4N, R16E, SEC 19    
21 Bradshaw Mountains Mt Union LO 7982 BM Groom Creek T12N, R1W, SEC 6 Mount Union ET0940
22 Brownell Mountains Brownell Peak 3576 BM Maish Vaya T14S, R2E, SEC 15 Brownell DA1474
23 Bryan Mountains San BM 1796 BM Bryan Mountains T13S, R11W, SEC 11 San DA1304
24 Buck Mountains Buck BM 2400 BM Buck Mountains T16N, R18W, SEC 34 Buck (USGS) None
25 Buckhorn Mountains Crater BM 4567 BM Garfias Mountain T8N, R2W, SEC 32 Crater DV2060
26 Buckskin Mountains Buckskin BM 3930 BM Alamo Dam T9N, R13W, SEC 3 Buckskin ET1075
27 Butler Mountains Lech BM 1171 BM Cipriano Pass T12S, R19W, SEC 15 Lech DB1680
28 Cabeza Prieta Mountains Cabeza BM 2833 BM Cabeza Prieta Peak T12S, R15W, SEC 28 Cabeza DA1266
29 Carrizo Mountains Pastora Peak 9407 BM Pastora Peak T39N, R30E, SEC 18   None
30 Casa Grande Mountains P2350 ft 2350 Spot Casa Grande Mountains T7S, R6E, SEC 15    
31 Castle Dome Mountains Castle Dome Peak 3788 BM Castle Dome Peak T4S, R18W, SEC 17 Castle Dome Peak DW0916
32 Castle Mountains P3150 ft 3150 Inter. West of Ventana T12S, R1E, SEC 15    
33 Cerbat Mountains Mt Tipton 7153 BM Mt Tipton T25N, R18W, SEC 22 Tipton FS1023
34 Cerro Colorado Mountains Colorado BM 5319 BM Cerro Colorado T20S, R11E, SEC 6 Colorado CG1093
35 Chiricahua Mountains Chiricahua Peak 9759 BM Chiricahua Peak T18S, R30E, SEC 20/29  Unnamed  
36 Chocolate Mountains Twin BM 2824 BM Tweed Mine T2S, R20W, SEC 9 Twin DW0936
37 Chuska Mountains Roof Butte 9820 Inter. Roof Butte T35N, R30E, SEC 10    
38 Cimarron Mountains P3145 ft 3145 Spot Ventana T11S, R2E, SEC 23    
39 Connell Mountains P6412 ft 6412 Spot Camp Wood T16N, R7W, SEC 24    
40 Copper Mountains P2888 ft 2888 Spot Buck Peak T11S, R17W, SEC 3    
41 Cottonwood Mountains P6631 ft 6631 Spot Valentine SE T22N, R12W, SEC 14    
42 Coyote Mountains Coyote Mountain BM 6529 BM Pan Tak T16S, R8E, SEC 28 Coyote Mountain CZ2001
43 Crater Range P1838 ft 1838 Spot East Pass T9S, R8W, SEC 25    
44 Crooked Mountains P2681 ft 2681 Spot Hickiwan T12S, R1W, SEC 32    
45 Date Creek Mountains P4940 ft 4940 Inter. O'Neill Pass T10N, R6W, SEC 18    
46 Diablo Mountains P3372 ft 3372 Spot Mount Ajo T16S, R4W, SEC 30    
47 Dome Rock Mountains Cunningham Mtn 3316 BM Cunningham Mtn T3N, R20W, SEC 29 Cunningham None
48 Dos Cabezas Mountains Dos Cabezas Peaks 8340 Inter. Dos Cabezas T14S, R27E, SEC 17    
49 Dragoon Mountains Mount Glenn 7523 BM Cochise Stronghold T17S, R23E, SEC 15 Dragoon CF0365
50 Dripping Spring Mountains Scott Mtn 5096 Spot Hot Tamale Peak T3S, R14E, SEC 6    
51 Eagletail Mountains Eagletail Peak (North Feather) 3300 Spot Eagletail Mountains East T1N, R10W, SEC 29 Eagle Tail Peak DV1929
52 Empire Mountains P5588 ft 5588 Spot Mount Fagan T18S, R17E, SEC 7    
53 Gakolik Mountains Redondo BM 3000 BM Gakolik Mountains T13S, R2W, SEC 18 Redondo DA1495
54 Galiuro Mountains Bassett Peak 7663 BM Bassett Peak T11S, R20E, SEC 2   None
55 Gila Bend Mountains Woolsey Peak 3173 BM Woolsey Peak T3S, R6W, SEC 16 Gila Peak DV1838
56 Gila Mountains Bryce Mountain 7302 BM Bryce Mountain T5S, R26E, SEC 3 Bryce DT0778
57 Gila Mountains Sheep Mountain 3148 BM Wellton Hills T10S, R19W, SEC 28 Sheep DB1248
58 Goldfield Mountains Dome Mtn 3381 Spot Stewart Mtn T2N, R8E, SEC 21    
59 Granite Mountains Granite BM 2492 BM Granite Mountains North T11S, R10W, SEC 32 Granite DA1414
60 Granite Wash Mountains Salome Peak 3991 BM Harcuvar T6N, R14W, SEC 27 Salome DV1962
61 Grayback Mountains Grayback BM 5134 BM Grayback Mts T14N, R10W, SEC 13 Grayback ET1019
62 Growler Mountains Gro BM 3295 BM Palo Verde Camp T14S, R7W, SEC 6 Gro DA1281
63 Guadalupe Mountains P5176 ft 5176 Spot Guadalupe Canyon (AZ-NM) T24S, R32E, SEC 14    
64 Harcuvar Mountains Smith Peak 5242 Spot Smith Peak T8N, R11W, SEC 1    
65 Harquahala Mountains Harquahala Mountain 5681 BM Harquahala Mountain T5N, R10W, SEC 6   None
66 Hayes Mountains P5332 ft 5332 Spot Coolidge Dam T3S, R17E, SEC 4    
67 Hieroglyphic Mountains P3565 ft 3565 Spot Garfias Mountain T7N, R2W, SEC 20    
68 Hobble Mountains P7454 ft 7454 Spot Hobble Tank T25N, R4E, SEC 30    
69 Huachuca Mountains Miller Peak LO 9466 VABM Miller Peak T23S, R20E, SEC 34   None
70 Hualapai Mountains Hualapai Peak 8417 BM Hualapai Peak T20N, R15W, SEC 32   None
71 John the Baptist Mountains P2161 ft 2161 Spot Chico Shunie T13S, R6W, SEC 32    
72 Juniper Mountains P7100 ft 7100 Inter. Juniper Mountains T18N, R6W, SEC 18    
73 Kofa Mountains Signal Peak 4882 BM Palm Canyon T1S, R18W, SEC 11 Kofa 2 DW0905
74 La Lesna Mountains P2694 ft 2694 Spot La Lesna Mountains T20S, R2E, SEC 6    
75 Laguna Mountains Gila City BM 1080 BM Laguna Dam T7S, R21W, SEC 27 Gila City DB1283
76 Las Guijas Mountains P4665 ft 4665 Spot Cerro Colorado T20S, R9E, SEC 36    
77 Little Ajo Mountains Black Mountain 3012 BM Ajo South T13S, R6W, SEC 1 Ajo 2 DA1537
78 Little Buckskin Mountains P2810 ft 2810 Inter. Alamo Dam SE T9N, R12W, SEC 21    
79 Little Dragoon Mountains Mae West Peaks 6732 BM Dragoon T15S, R22E, SEC 29 Lime CZ1782
80 Little Harquahala Mountains Harquar BM 3084 BM Harrisburg Valley T4N, R13W, SEC 8 Harquar DV1964
81 Little Horn Mountains New Water BM 3350 BM Cholla Tank T1N, R16W, SEC 24 New Water DV1955
82 Little Rincon Mountains Forest Hill 6114 Spot Happy Valley T15S, R19E, SEC 17    
83 Lukachukai Mountains P9466 ft 9466 Spot Cove T36N, R29E, SEC 13    
83a Lukachukai Mountains P9460 ft (Alt. highpoint) 9460 Inter. Lukachukai T36N, R29E, SEC 27
84 Maricopa Mountains P3272 ft 3272 Spot Estrella T5S, R1W, SEC 31    
85 Mazatzal Mountains Mazatzal Peak 7908 BM Mazatzal Peak T8N, R9E, SEC 5/6 Mazatzal ES0981
86 McAllister Range P4923 ft 4923 Spot Minnehaha T10N, R2W, SEC 17    
87 McCloud Mountains P4980 ft 4980 Inter. Hillside T13N, R7W, SEC 35    
88 McCracken Mountains P3926 ft 3926 Spot Dutch Flat SE T14N, R15W, SEC 23    
89 McDowell Mountains East End 4067 BM McDowell Peak T4N, R5E, SEC 24   None
90 Mescal Mountains El Capitan Mtn 6568 BM El Capitan Mtn T3S, R16E, SEC 6 Pioneer DU1983
91 Mesquite Mountains Mesquite BM 3789 BM Chupan Mountain T18S, R2W, SEC 2 Mesquite CH0167
92 Middle Mountains Los Angeles BM 1330 BM Middle Mountains North T4S, R20W, SEC 9/16 Los Angeles DW0928
93 Moccasin Mountains Moccasin BM 6627 BM Moccasin T41N, R5W, SEC 11 Moccasin GQ0344
94 Mohave Mountains Crossman Peak 5106 BM Crossman Peak T14N, R18W, SEC 18 Powell EU0920
95 Mohawk Mountains Mohawk Peak 2767 BM Mohawk Mts SW T10S, R13W, SEC 6 Mohawk DA1425
96 Mohon Mountains Mohon Peak 7502 BM Mohon Peak T18N, R10W, SEC 14 Mohon Water ET1025
97 Moquith Mountains Moquitch BM 7062 BM Kaibab T42N, R4W, SEC 35 Moquitch GQ0329
98 Muggins Mountains Mugg BM 1910 BM Red Bluff Mountain West T7S, R19W, SEC 18 Mugg DB1238
99 Mule Mountains Fissure Peak 7360 Inter. Bisbee T23S, R23E, SEC 12    
100 Music Mountains P6697 ft 6697 Spot Music Mountains NE T26N, R15W, SEC 12    
101 Mustang Mountains P6469 ft 6469 Spot Mustang Mountains T20S, R18E, SEC 23    
102 Natanes Mountains P7540 ft 7540 Inter. Natanes Mts. NW T1N, R23E, SEC 22    
103 New River Mountains P5936 ft 5936 Spot Cooks Mesa T8N, R3E, SEC 1    
104 New Water Mountains P2839 ft 2839 Spot New Water Well T3N, R15W, SEC 36    
105 North Comobabi Mountains Mt Devine 4783 BM Sil Nakya T15S, R5 1/2E, SEC 11   None
106 Painted Rock Mountains P1510 ft 1510 Spot Sentinel NE T6S, R8W, SEC 1    
107 Pajarito Mountains P5460 ft 5460 Inter. Alamo Spring T24S, R12E, SEC 8    
108 Palo Verde Mountains P2121 ft 2121 Spot Enid T5S, R2E, SEC 9    
109 Palomas Mountains P1900 ft 1900 Inter. Kofa T5S, R13W, SEC 18    
110 Patagonia Mountains Mt Washington 7221 Spot Duquesne T24S, R16E, SEC 8    
111 Peacock Mountains Peacock Peak 6293 BM Peacock Peak T22N, R14W, SEC 9 Peacock FR0976
112 Pedregosa Mountains P6540 ft 6540 Spot Pedregosa Mountains West T21S, R29E, SEC 15    
113 Peloncillo Mountains Guthrie Peak 6575 BM Guthrie T6S, R30E, SEC 30 Guthrie Reset CY1105
114 Perilla Mountains College Peaks 6388 Spot College Peaks T23S, R29E, SEC 5    
115 Phoenix Mountains Squaw Peak 2610 BM Sunnyslope T2N, R3E, SEC 2 Squaw Peak Reset DV2012
116 Picacho Mountains Newman Peak 4508 BM Newman Peak T8S, R9E, SEC 22 Newman CZ1939
117 Pinal Mountains Pinal Peak 7850 BM Pinal Peak T2S, R15E, SEC 4 Pinal Mountain DU2281
118 Pinaleno Mountains Mt Graham 10724 BM Mt Graham T8S, R24E, SEC 34 Graham CY1235
119 Plomosa Mountains Black Mesa 3642 BM Crystal Hill T3N, R17W, SEC 16 Black Mesa DW0877
120 Poachie Range Arrastra Mtn 4808 BM Arrastra Mtn T13N, R11W, SEC 35 Poachie ET1065
121 Pozo Redondo Mountains Childs BM 3097 BM Sikort Chuapo T13S, R4W, SEC 7 Childs DA1497
122 Pozo Verde Mountains Pozora BM 4701 BM Presumido Peak T22S R7E, SEC 11 Pozora CG1132
123 Puerto Blanco Mountains Pinkley Peak 3147 BM Tillotson Peak T16S, R6W, SEC 26 Puerto DA1301
124 Quijotoa Mountains P3950 ft 3950 Inter. Maish Vaya T15S R2E, SEC 10    
125 Quinlan Mountains Kitt Peak 6886 BM Kitt Peak T17S, R7E, SEC 12 Kitts CG1127
126 Rawhide Mountains Fools Peak 2980 Inter. Rawhide Wash T11N, R14W, SEC 15    
127 Rincon Mountains Mica Mountain LO 8664 Spot Mica Mountain T14S, R18E, SEC 18    
128 Roskruge Mountains Martina Mountain 4042 Spot San Pedro T16S, R9E, SEC 5    
129 Sacaton Mountains Sacaton Peak 2755 Spot Sacaton T5S, R7E, SEC 7    
130 Salt River Mountains Salt River Peak 4858 BM Salt River Peak T2N, R14E, SEC 3 Salt River Pk DU1847
131 San Cayetano Mountains San Cayetano Peak 6007 BM San Cayetano Mts T22S, R13E, SEC 12 Cayetano CG1054
132 San Francisco Mountains Maness Peak 8262 Spot Maness Peak T4N, R32E, SEC 17    
133 San Francisco Peaks Humphreys Peak 12637 BM Humphreys Peak T23N, R7E, SEC 29 Frisco FQ0624
134 San Luis Mountains P4797 ft 4797 Spot Wilbur Canyon T22S, R9E, SEC 15    
135 Sand Tank Mountains Maricopa Peak 4050 BM Big Horn T8S, R1W, SEC 8 Maricopa 2 DA1462
136 Santa Catalina Mountains Mt Lemmon 9171 BM Mt Lemmon T11S, R15E, SEC 26 Catalina 2 Reset CZ1859
137 Santa Maria Mountains Hyde Creek Mtn LO 7270 BM Camp Wood T17N, R6W, SEC 20   None
138 Santa Rita Mountains Mt Wrightson 9456 BM Mt Wrightson T20S, R15E, SEC 18 Baldy 2 CG1050
139 Santa Rosa Mountains Gu Achi Peak 4556 BM Santa Rosa Mountains SW T12S, R5E, SEC 29 Santa Rosa CZ2015
140 Santa Teresa Mountains Mount Turnbull 8282 BM Mount Turnbull T4S, R20E, SEC 23 Turnbull Reset None
141 Santan Mountains P3104 ft 3104 Spot Chandler Heights T3S, R6E, SEC 14    
142 Sauceda Mountains Sauceda BM 4121 BM Coffeepot Mountain T11S, R3W, SEC 21 Sauceedo DA1494
143 Sawmill Mountains Mount Logan 7866 Spot Mount Logan T34N, R9W, SEC 12    
144 Sawtooth Mountains P2630 ft 2630 Spot Greene Reservoir T9S, R6E, SEC 23    
145 Sevenmile Mountains P6420 ft 6420 Inter. Sevenmile Mts T3N, R17E, SEC 17/16    
146 Sheridan Mountains Sheridan BM 3264 BM Drew Spring Well T12S, R3E, SEC 7 Sheridan DA1468
147 Sierra Ancha Aztec Peak LO 7748 Spot Aztec Peak T6N/T5N, SEC 34/3    
148 Sierra Arida P1770 ft 1770 Inter. Sierra Arida T14S, R14W, SEC 2    
149 Sierra Blanca Mountains Rabia BM 3727 BM Maish Vaya T14S, R1E, SEC 14 Rabia None
150 Sierra de la Lechuguilla P1850 ft 1850 Inter. Sierra de la Lechuguilla T14S, R17W, SEC 2    
151 Sierra de la Nariz Border Mon #160 2688 BM Menagers Lake T19S, R3W, SEC 1 Border Mon 160 None
152 Sierra de Santa Rosa P2921 ft 2921 Spot Pia Oik T18S, R3W, SEC 6    
153 Sierra Estrella P4512 ft 4512 Spot Avondale SE T2S, R1E, SEC 8    
154 Sierra Pinta Pinta BM 2950 BM Isla Pinta T13S, R12W, SEC 30 Pinta DA1415
155 Sierra Prieta West Spruce Mtn 7180 Inter. Iron Springs T13N, R2W, SEC 5    
156 Sierrita Mountains Keystone Peak 6188 Spot Samaniego Peak T8S, R11E, SEC 10    
157 Sikort Chuapo Mountains P3610 ft 3610 Inter. Gakolik Mountains T12S, R3W, SEC 21    
158 Silver Bell Mountains Silver Bell Peak 4261 Spot Silver Bell East T12S, R8E, SEC 2    
159 Silver Reef Mountains P2476 ft 2476 Spot Siver Reef Mts T8S, R5E, SEC 25    
160 Slate Mountains Prieta Peak 3309 BM North Komelik T10S, R5E, SEC 19 Sierra Prieta CZ2259
161 Sonoyta Mountains P2313 ft 2313 Spot Lukeville T17S, R6W, SEC 14    
162 South Comobabi Mountains Como BM 4547 BM Comobabi T16S, R5E, SEC 14 Como CZ2008
163 South Mountains South Mountain 2703 BM Lone Butte T1S, R3E, SEC 21 Telegraph DV2081
164 Suizo Mountains P3370 ft 3370 Inter. Durham Hills T9S, R12E, SEC 18    
165 Summit Mountains P4860 ft 4860 Inter. Tillie Hall Peak (NM-AZ) T6S, R32E, SEC 27    
166 Superstition Mountains Superstition BM 5059 BM Goldfield T1N, R9E, SEC 23 Superstition DU2086
167 Swisshelm Mountains Swisshelm Mountain 7185 BM Swisshelm Mountain T20S, R27E, SEC 24   None
168 Table Top Mountains Table Top 4376 BM Indian Butte T8S, R2E, SEC 11 Table DA1442
169 Tank Mountains P2506 ft 2506 Spot Engesser Pass T2S, R15W, SEC 31    
170 Tat Momoli Mountains P2630 ft 2630 Inter. Vaiva Vo T9S, R5E, SEC 6    
171 Tinajas Altas Mountains Tinajas Altas 2766 BM Tinajas Altas T13S, R17W, SEC 20 Tinajas Altas DB1306
172 Tortilla Mountains Antelope Peak 4547 VABM Putnam Wash T7S, R14E, SEC 1   None
173 Tortolita Mountains P4696 ft 4696 Spot Tortolita Mountains T10S, R13E, SEC 30    
174 Trigo Mountains Mohave Peak 2774 BM Mohave Peak T2S, R22W, SEC 2/1 Trigo DW0938
175 Tucson Mountains Wasson Peak 4686 BM Avra T13S, R12E, SEC 29 Wasson CZ1961
176 Tule Mountains Tule BM 2309 BM Sierra Arida T14S, R14W, SEC 28 Tule DA1416
177 Tumacacori Mountains P5736 ft 5736 Spot Tubac T21S, R12E, SEC 33    
178 Tunitcha Mountains Matthews Peak 9550 Spot Tsaile T34N, R30E, SEC 8    
179 Unikaret Mountains Mount Trumbull 8038 BM Mt Trumbull NW T35N, R8W, SEC 27 Trumbull GQ0367
180 Usery Mountains Usery BM 2972 BM Granite Reef Dam T2N, R7E, SEC 21 Usery Reset DU2201
181 Vekol Mountains P3609 ft 3609 Spot Kohatk T10S, R2E, SEC 12    
182 Virgin Mountains Mount Bangs 8016 BM Mount Bangs T39N, R15W, SEC 12 Hancock Peak GQ0421
183 Vulture Mountains Vulture Peak 3663 BM Vulture Peak T6N, R5W, SEC 8 Vulture DV2208
184 Waterman Mountains Waterman Peak 3830 Inter. Waterman Peak T12S, R9E, SEC 30/31    
185 Weaver Mountains Weaver Peak 6577 BM Weaver Peak T11N, R5W, SEC 6 Weaver Mtn ET0980
186 West Silver Bell Mountains P3100 ft 3100 Spot Gap Tank T11S, R7E, SEC 5    
187 Whetstone Mountains Apache Peak 7711 BM Apache Peak T18S, R19E, SEC 32   None
188 White Mountains Mount Baldy 11420 Inter. Mount Baldy T26N, R26E, SEC 14
189 White Tank Mountains P4083 ft 4083 Spot White Tank Mts SE T3N, R3W, SEC 28    
190 Whitlock Mountains P5682 ft 5682 Spot Dry Mountain T9S, R29E, SEC 18/17    
191 Wickenburg Mountains P4500 ft 4500 Spot Morgan Butte T8N, R3W, SEC 26    
192 Winchester Mountains Reiley Peak 7631 BM Reiley Peak T12S, R22E, SEC 16 Rilay None
193 Yon Dot Mountains P6338 ft 6338 Spot Bodaway Mesa T34N, R7E, SEC 26    
1 Guadalupe Mountains Cloverdale BM 6441 BM Black Point (NM) T33S, R21W, SEC 29 Cloverdale CF0294
2 Peloncillo Mountains Gray Mountain 6931 BM Indian Peak (NM) T28S, R20W, SEC 18 Gray CF0309
3 San Francisco Mountains Aspen Mountain 8980 Inter. Bull Basin (NM) T7S, R21W, SEC 13    
4 Summit Mountains Vanderbilt Peak 6816 BM Steeple Rock (NM) T17S, R21W, SEC 3 Line Reset CY1083
5 Beaver Dam Mountains West Mountain Peak 7680 BM West Mountain Peak (UT) T42S, R18W, SEC 5 Beaver HO0634
6 Virgin Mountains Virgin Peak 8087 Inter. Virgin Peak (NV) T15S, R70E, SEC 25    
7 Sierra Tinajas Altas P710 m 2329 Inter. Mina del Desierto (MEX) None    
8 Sierra el Choclo Duro P810 m 2657 Inter. Mina del Desierto (MEX) None    
9 Sierra la Angostura P970 m 3182 Inter. Santa Rosa (MEX) None    
10 Sierra la Lesna P1050 m 3445 Inter. El Ejemplo (MEX) None    
11 Sierra Pajarito Cerro el Ruido 5938 BM La Bellotosa (MEX) None Matanza None