Eagletail Mountains, Maricopa County, Arizona

Located on BLM land, Highpoint Elevation = 3300 ft., (1006 meters)

A view of the east side of the Eagletail Mountains. The highpoint is a pinnacle called the North Feather and is on the left side of this photo. Photo taken March 1, 1997.
View of the North Feather. Note the belayer at the bottom and a climber near the top.
A climber part way up the north side of the North Feather.
Driving and climbing notes:

On Interstate 10 about 60 miles west of Phoenix take exit 81 to Salome Road. Go south a short 150ft. and turn right (west) onto Harquahala Valley Road. In about 0.2 miles this turns left and heads straight south. Continue on this paved road until you reach a junction at 5.1 miles and turn right onto Centenial Road. Reset your odometer and go west on this excellent graded dirt road for 7.0 miles. At this point make a sharp left turn (more than 90 degrees) and follow along a gas pipeline. After 1.3 miles turn right at a fence corner go a hundred feet or so and turn left through a gate. Follow along the wilderness boundary fence and park at 2.8 miles where there is a gate on the right. UTM here is: 290950E and 3701530N (NAD27). Hike west from here on the road and after 45 minuntes take the left fork. At about 3 miles leave the road on the left side and descend into a wash. Follow this up toward large boulders at the base of the mountain and then up a slope to an obvious gap in the ridge which is just east of the 2753 ft. spot elevation shown on the map. From here go on a bearing of about 120 crossing a ravine and then south up a slope. Contour along at the 2800 ft. level to a saddle then scramble up a narrow rock ridge to the base of the North Feather. It is about a 3 1/2 hour hike to this point. The 70 ft. high North Feather is usually climbed on the north side and is rated 5.6. A pair of bolts hold a rappel sling near the top. The rock is crumbly. Two climbing ropes are desirable. Allow plently of time if the group is more than a few people. The return hike takes about 3 hours. 3/97 RLC