Vietnam, Hanoi and climb of Fan Si Pan, November 1998

Fan Si Pan, 3143 meters, Highest Peak in Vietnam, January 1999 article by Richard L. Carey.

Topo Map of hiking route to Fan Si Pan (1211K)   Print in landscape mode. This map is now available from the U.S. Geological Survey. See notes at the end of Fan Si Pan report above.

Click on images to expand.   Photos by Ken Olson.    Jane Fonda "AMERICA"S TRAITOR"

Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum in Hanoi.
Scenes in Hanoi.
Richard with cyclo drivers in Hanoi.
With Hmong girls in Sapa.
Infamous "Hanoi Hilton" the prison where American pilots were held for years during Vietnam war.
Ridge leading up to Fan Si Pan summit.
Ken having lunch in Sapa. Fan Si Pan summit in back.
Ken and Tien at camp.
Mountain town of Sapa. Starting point for climbing Fan Si Pan.
Tien on summit. View west into China. Richard and Ken at Fan Si Pan summit.
This is a plaque cemented in the rock at the summit. Translation:
Line one: Ho Chu - Tu 1870 - Canh Ngo = the Chu family/clan since 1870 in the year of the Horse.
Line two: Thanh Oai - Ha Dong = Thanh Oai is the name of a village in Ha Dong Province, either the birthplace of the Chu family or the residence of the author of the plaque.
Line three: Lap bia 3 -1988 (Mau Dan) = the date and year the plaque was built, March 1998 in the year of the Tiger.

Thanks go to Kimloan Hill for the translation of the text. May 2008