Peak 3339 ft., eastern San Diego County, California

Located in the McCain Valley Resource Conservation Area

Also in the Carrizo Gorge, BLM Wilderness Area

The map shows a loop hike to Peak 3339 and Al Holden Peak. Peak 3339 is one of 100 peaks on the San Diego Peaks List. This is a good hike of about 7.6 miles with some boulder scrambling at the summits and two caves, one natural and one man-made. A GPS file is available for this hike. P3339.gpx. The map has the UTM grid using NAD27.

Driving Directions: On Interstate 8 take exit 65 to Boulevard and drive 0.6 miles south to Old Highway 80 and turn left (east). Drive 2.0 miles and turn left (north) toward McCain Valley. Drive north about 8 miles on this road which turns into good dirt after a couple of miles. Most sedans can drive this road which has small washboard but no major rock. Waypoint PARK is at a crossroad junction. You can drive further north and turn to the Carrizo Overlook and start from there is you like. It is less gain and easier to return to the lower spot however.

Hiking Directions: We did the loop in a clockwise direction. Hike north up the road to P2 and go right on the road to the Carrizo Overlook. Then it's downhill on fairly open terrain to Cave1. We went to spot elevation 3263 ft., but you could skip this and head to the area of boulders with P3339. Follow the waypoints for the easiest return route. As mentioned it is about 7.6 miles with a gain roughly estimated at 2600 ft. It can be done in about 7 hours. 4/15 RLC

Wayne and John at Cave1 which is on the east side of the descending slopes. Some brick and block were cemented in under a large boulder to provide a shelter. This photo one and ones that follow were taken by Witold Martynowicz on April 20, 2015.
Our group of ten hikers known as The Monday Maniacs on the summit of Al Holden Peak. This peak is unofficially named for one of our past leaders who especially liked the area. A metal plaque and register are on top.
Larry Edmonds coming down off the boulder which is the highest point on Peak 3339. The register is further east between two big boulders. This boulder is the one farthest west which I sighted as slightly higher with my Kuker-Ranken level.
John Palka in the natural shelter I call Cave2 formed by a monster large boulder leaning against another bigger one.