Jacumba Wilderness High Point, Elevation = 4038 ft.

Located in Imperial County, California. The prominence is 258ft.

A photo album, notes, map and GPS track that will help hikers who want to bag this wilderness high point. The final route up to the summit block is show below to the best of my recollection. The summit block is a bit difficult and we used a rope ladder, but others have been able to boost each other up to the top with no ropes. Pictures are from a Monday Maniacs group hike March 18, 2019.
The route up the boulder-filled gully is devious and difficult to describe. The track will help, but may have some errors due to shading and errors in the GPS position. We used a track by John Strauch who pioneered the route. His report and track are on Peakbagger.com.
This shows a portion of the In-Ko-Pah Gorge map with our route. We parked low down at a pullout by the first major switchback. A capable four-wheel drive vehicle can go much further into the valley west of the peak. The parking area is at 3365ft. and the hike goes up the road to a crest and junction at about 3857ft. From there go east on the road which descends into the valley. There are some nasty spots which require a good vehicle with high clearance in the first half mile. The road reaches a low point of about 3650ft. before ascending toward the base of the summit. The route is 5.2 miles round-trip with a net gain of 673ft. and overall gain of about 875ft. My GPX track.
Our group trying to figure out the best way up in the mass of boulders.
We are going down now, but this ramp is a key to getting up to the summit. Some of our group found another way, but this works well.
Some places there is a way under the boulders.
Mark Adrian throws a rope over the summit block. Photo by Mike Smolik.
Shelley Rogers and I secure the rope to a boulder on the north side. Photo by Mike.
I try out the ladder. It is helpful to have someone pull it away from the rock so you can get your feet onto it.
We made it! From the left Mark Adrian, Richard Carey and Shelley Rogers on top. Wayne Wilkinson tending the ladder. Photo by Mike Smolik March 18, 2019.