Gaskill Peak, Elev. 3836 ft. (1169 m)

Cleveland National Forest, San Diego County, California

Gaskill Peak as seen from Lawson Peak looking north. The hiking route leaves the road seen on the right and follows the south ridge all the way up. It is a pretty good use trail.
Gaskill Peak summit boulder. Scramble up the left (south) side after first going under a boulder .
Named for Christopher B. Gaskill, who was born in England and came to San Diego County in 1887. He homesteaded 420 acres on a mountain slope in the Lawson Peak area. (Stein, p. 51) According to Stein he was not related to Lumen and Silas Gaskill who operated a store, grist mill, and hotel in Campo in the 1870's.

The peak is in Cleveland National Forest and the area is open to public access. The begining of Carveacre Road as described below runs through private property, but there are no restictions on hiking through to Forest Service land.

To reach Gaskill Peak from San Diego drive east on Interstate 8 to the Japatul Road exit which is about 7 miles east of Alpine. Exit here and go south for 5.4 miles and then turn left on Lyons Valley Road. From this junction go 4.9 miles and pull off on the right side across from milepost 13 at a junction with a dirt road coming down steeply from the hill above. This unmarked route is Carveacre Road, 16S03, which has not been driven for some time and is badly eroded. I recommend hiking this rather than attempting to drive it unless you have a short wheelbase 4WD such as a small jeep. Hiking up the road it is 1.8 miles to a high ridge where the trail turns north and descends to an open 4-way intersection. Lawson Peak is the massive rock to the NW and Gaskill is 1mile NNE at a bearing of about 23 degrees. Continue NE on Carveacre Road for about 1 mile until the road levels out, makes a turn to the SE, and begins to descend. On your left take a trail heading north and after about 100 yards look for a pile of stones on the left side of the trail that marks the use trail to the top. At the summit block stay to the left (south) side and work your way around to the west where you can find a handy passage under a boulder and a way to the top. Round-trip distance from the highway is 6.6 miles with a gain of 1680 ft. The ascent takes about 2 hours and the return about 1 1/2 hours. 5/95 RLC