Tanzania Safari Photos, January, 2007

Photos from Lake Manyara Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti Park and Tarangire Park
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Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge on the east rim of crater. A great place to stay. No mosquitoes at 7800 ft.!
We rode in one of these Toyota safari vehicles. They will seat seven, but it's better with four. It is a very good vehicle. a Diesel with four-wheel drive and a pop-up top for game viewing.
Baboon in Lake Manyara Park.
Thirsty elephants in Lake Manyara Park.
Stuck in bottom of Ngorongoro Crater. This could happen to you! We helped to pull them out of the mud.
Probably a crested goshawk.
"You look that way and I'll keep an eye out this way!" Plains zebras on the Serengeti.
Giraffes on the Serengeti plains.
The adult superb starling in Tarangire Park.
Lion with radio tracking collar on the Serengeti.
Female cheetah by the road in Serengeti Park.
Small hippo at Hippo Pool in Serengeti Park.
Another amazing tree, a giant baobab in Tarangire.
Wildebeest, one of many thousands we saw.
Acacia tree in Tarangire Park.
Unidentified bird.
Giant snail seen in Tarangire Park.
Probably a kingfisher, one of 15 types in East Africa.
Big African fish eagle looking for prey.
Impalas in Tarangire Park.
Helmeted guineafowl in Lake Manyara Park.
Photos copyright by Richard L. Carey, 2007.
Our Safari was arrranged by Shah Tours in Moshi. http://www.kilimanjaro-shah.com
Our capable, sharp-eyed driver was Beda Hyera.