San Diego Peaks List, 262 Peaks and Benchmarks, list revised August 7, 2011

The first two people to extensively peakbag in San Diego County were two members of the Desert Peaks Section, Gordon Mcleod and Wes Shelberg. In the early 1970's Gordon bagged most of the peaks in the Anza-Borrego desert. Less than a year later Wes came along and continued his love of the desert until his death in 2002 at 86. Gordon and Wes were solo hikers, but then Jim Sugg came along and lead over 1000 rural trips for the Sierra Club and Walkabout, always incorporating lots of crosscountry travel in his trips, from the 1980's until his death in 2001.

From 1991 to 1996 Paul Freiman ran the San Diego Peaks Club, an adventure hiking club. Club members pursued peakbagging on a larger scale with the formation of the Peaks List, 117 peaks and benchmarks in San Diego County (This is the basis for the Sierra Club's County Peak List). Finding 117 peaks a small challenge, Lorin Mitts and Jerry Higgins listed all 148 benchmarks in Anza-Borrego State Park. This list inspired a loosely organized group called the Borrego Benchmark Club (BBC). Al Holden started leading adventure hikes in 1993 for the San Diego Sierra Club and opened the gates for a large number of enthusiasts to explore the enjoyment of off-trail exploration. Al passed away in May, 2008.

The list present here is an expanded version of the original San Diego Peaks Club list devised by Paul Freiman. It incorporates many new benchmarks and peaks found by local San Diego hikers. Some peaks are on private land and access may not be possible by normal means. The peaks range from very easy hikes to long and difficult ones with heavy brush. Plan trips carefully and always have a map of the area and compass and learn how to use them. UTM coordinates are given for those who like to use a GPS receiver for navigation. Good Hiking!!

"Never let them say it,

say it to your shame

that a benchmark went untrodden

without your date and name."

Wes Shelberg