Nevada County High Points, township and benchmark table

Arranged alphabetically by county. There are 16 counties and one independent city in Nevada.

Key to Column Headings:

ID = Sequential numbering. County = The name of the county. Peak Name = The name as shown on the topo map. A Pxxxx ft. with the elevation of the peak if it is not named on the map. Names in parentheses are alternate names for the peak. EL,ft = Elevation in feet. EL = How the elevation is shown on the map. A BM entry indicates a brass survey monument or benchmark is at the summit. Topo Map (7.5 min) = The topo map the peak is on. Township = The township, range and section the peak is in. BM Name = The name stamped on the benchmark. PID = The Permanent Identifier used by the USGS to identify benchmarks. Date = The year the benchmark was first placed.

ID County Peak Name EL,ft EL Topo Map (7.5 min) Township BM Name PID Date
1 Carson City Snow Valley Peak 9214 Spot Marlette Lake T15N, R19E, SEC 19      
2 Churchill Desatoya Peak 9977 BM Desatoya Peak T17N, R37E, SEC 1 Twin KQ0479 1954
3 Clark Charleston Peak 11,916 BM Charleston Peak T19S, R56E, SEC 28 Charleston GR1965 1906
4 Douglas East Peak 9591 VABM South Lake Tahoe T13N, R18E, SEC 36 East Peak JR1236 1893
5 Elko Ruby Dome 11,387 Spot Ruby Dome T32N, R58E, SEC 30 Ruby Dome Cairn LQ0693 1947
6 Esmeralda Boundary Peak 13,147 BM Boundary Peak T1S, R33E, SEC 20 Boundary HR2576 1950
7 Eureka Diamond Peak 10,631 BM Diamond Peak T20N, R55E, SEC 19 Diamond Peak KP0435 1881
8 Humboldt Granite Peak 9732 BM Hinkey Summit T44N, R39E, SEC 28 Spring Butte MU0442 1958
9 Lander Bunker Hill 11,473 BM Bunker Hill T16N, R43E, SEC 15 Bunker Hill KQ0445 1955
10 Lincoln P10,660 ft 10,660 Inter. Mt Grafton T10N/T9N, R65E      
11 Lyon P10,580 ft 10,580 Inter. Desert Creek Peak T8N, R24E, SEC 34      
12 Mineral Mount Grant 11,300 Inter. Mount Grant T8N, R29E, SEC 7 Mount Grant Highest Peak JR1053 1902
13 Nye South Summit (Mt Jefferson) 11,941 BM Mount Jefferson T11N, R45E, SEC 32 Jeff JQ0584 1971
14 Pershing Star Peak 9840 BM Star Peak T31N, R34E, SEC 33 Star Peak Reset LS0554 1958
15 Storey Mt Davidson 7868 BM Virginia City T17N, R21E, SEC 30 Davidson KR1642 1951
16 Washoe Mount Rose 10,785 BM Mount Rose T17N, R18E, SEC 13 Mount Rose Reset KR1728 1946
17 White Pine Wheeler Peak 13,065 BM Wheeler Peak T13N, R68E, SEC 14 Wheeler Peak JP0339 1882