New Mexico Mountain Range Highpoints List, Township and BM Table, Revised April 16, 2020.

The Mountain Ranges are listed in alphabetical order.

Range Name = The name of the mountain range. Peak or BM Name = The name of the highest peak in the range as shown on the topo map. A Pxxxx ft. with the elevation of the peak if it is not named on the map. Names in parentheses are alternate unofficial names for the peak. EL,ft = Elevation in feet. EL = How the elevation is shown on the map. A BM or VABM entry indicates a brass survey monument or benchmark is at the summit. Township = The township, range, and section number the peak is in. Topo Map (7.5 min.) = The topo map the peak is on. BM Name = The name stamped on the benchmark. PID = The Permanent Identifier used by the USGS to identify benchmarks. Use this to find the data sheet by searching the USGS web site. Go to:  If the PID is underlined and in blue then the datasheet is at this site.

ID Range Name Peak or BM Name EL,ft EL Township Topo Map (7.5 min.) BM Name PID
1 Alamo Hueco Mountains P6851 ft 6851 Spot T33S, R15W, SEC 9 Pierce Peak    
2 Animas Mountains Animas BM 8565 BM T31S, R19W, SEC 32 Animas Peak Animas CF0306
3 Bear Mountains Sanders BM 8227 BM T1N, R4W, SEC 30 Mesa Cencerro Sanders EQ1086
4 Big Burro Mountains Burro Peak 8084 BM T20S, R15W, SEC 6 Burro Peak Burro CY0950
5 Big Hatchet Mountains Big Hatchet Peak 8356 BM T31S, R15W, SEC 6 Big Hatchet Peak Big Hatchet CF0273
6 Black Range McKnight Mountain 10,165 Spot T14S, R10W, SEC 26 Victoria Park    
7 Black Range, Mimbres Mountains Sawyers Peak 9672 BM T16S, R9W, SEC 33 Hillsboro Peak Sawyer CX1928
8 Brushy Mountains P7345 ft 7345 Spot T8S, R20W, SEC 29 Saliz Pass    
9 Caballo Mountains Timber Mountain 7565 Spot T15S, R4W, SEC 34 Apache Gap    
10 Canyon Creek Mountains P8950 ft 8950 Spot T10S, R14W, SEC 18 Canyon Creek Mountains    
11 Capitan Mountains P10,201ft 10,201 Spot T8S, R16E, SEC 23 Capitan Peak    
12 Cedar Mountain Range (Alt.) Flying W Mountain 6215 Spot T27S, R12W, SEC 32 Flying W Mountain    
13 Cedar Mountain Range Cedar Mountain 6215 BM T27S, R13W, SEC 9 Hat Top Mountain Cedar Reset CF0270
14 Chupadera Mountains P6510 ft 6510 BM T4S, R1W, SEC 31 Luis Lopez 5F130 None
15 Chuska Mountains Beautiful Mountain 9392 BM T26N, R21W Sanostee West Beautiful GO0239
16 Cimarron Range Baldy Mountain 12,441 Spot None Baldy Mountain    
17 Cookes Range Cookes Peak 8411 BM T20S, R9W, SEC 25 OK Canyon Cooks CX1921
18 Cornudas Mountains Wind Mountain 7269 BM T26S, R14E, SEC 21 Cornudas Mountain [NM-TX] Corduna CW0900
19 Crosby Mountains P9463 ft 9463 Spot T2S, R11W, SEC 10 Crosby Springs    
20 Datil Mountains Madre Mountain 9556 BM T1N, R10W, SEC 21 Madre Mountain Madre Mtn EQ1053
21 Diablo Range P8820 ft 8820 Inter. T12S, R15W, SEC 31 Diablo Range    
22 Dog Mountains P5552 ft 5552 Spot T34S, R15W, SEC 11 Dog Mountains    
23 Dona Ana Mountains Dona Ana Peak 5835 BM T21S, R1E, SEC 25 Dona Ana Dona Ana CX1711
24 Dona Ana Mountains (Alt.) Summerford Mountain 5835 Spot T21S, R1E, SEC 3 Summerford Mountain    
25 East Potrillo Mountains P5370 ft 5370 Inter. T28S, R2W, SEC 11 Mount Riley    
26 El Oro Mountains Eagle Peak 8461 Spot None Mora    
27 Elk Mountains Elk Mountain 9799 Spot T8S, R15W, SEC 31 Pitchfork Canyon    
28 Florida Mountains P7460 ft 7460 Inter. T25S, R8W, SEC 13 Gym Peak    
29 Fra Cristobal Range P6834 ft 6834 Spot T10S, R3W Lava    
30 Franklin Mountains North Anthonys Nose 5390 BM T26S, R4E, SEC 16 Anthony [NM-TX] North Anthonys Nose CX1684
31 Gallinas Mountains Gallinas Peak LO 8640 BM T1S, R11E, SEC 4 Pajaro Canyon Gallinas EP0629
32 Gallinas Mountains Indian Mesa 8719 Spot T1N, R7W, SEC 24      
33 Gallo Mountains Fox Mountain LO 9383 BM T3S, R18W, SEC 3 Gallo Mountains West Fox ER0444
34 Good Sight Mountains Good Sight Peak 5602 Spot T21S, R6W, SEC 16 Good Sight Peak    
35 Grandmother Mountains P5866 ft 5866 Spot T23S,R13W,SEC14 Grandmother Mt West    
36 Guadalupe Mountains P7500 ft 7500 Inter. T26S, R21E, SEC 29 El Paso Gap    
37 Guadalupe Mountains Cloverdale BM 6446 BM T33S, R21W, SEC 29 Black Point Cloverdale CF0294
38 Hardscrabble Mountains P7285 ft 7285 Spot T13S, R3E, SEC 25 Hardscrabble Mountains    
39 Hueco Mountains Bassett BM 6057 BM T26S, R10E, SEC 17 Mountain Tank [NM-TX] Bassett CW0908
40 Jarilla Mountains P5310 ft 5310 Inter. T21S, R8E, SEC 34 Orogrande North    
41 Jemez Mountains Chicoma Mountain 11,561 VABM T21N, R5E, SEC 34 Polvadera Peak Langley GN0677
42 Jerky Mountains P9033 ft 9033 Spot T11S, R16W, SEC 15 Lilley Mountain    
43 Jicarilla Mountains Ancho Peak 7825 Spot T5S, R12E, SEC 26 White Oaks North    
44 Kelly Mountains Kelly Brushy 7667 Spot T9S, R20W, SEC 8 O Block Canyon    
45 La Madera Mountains P7626 ft 7626 Spot T25N, R9E, SEC 30 Ojo Caliente    
46 Ladron Mountains Ladrones BM 9210 BM T3N, R2W, SEC 31 Ladron Peak Ladrones EQ1026
47 Langford Mountains P6272 ft 6272 Spot T22S, R16W, SEC 26 Ninetysix Ranch    
48 Little Burro Mountains P6505 ft 6505 Spot T8S, R5E, SEC 27 Mockingbird Gap    
49 Little Burro Mountains Tyrone BM 6637 BM T19S, R14W, SEC 7/18 Tyrone Tyrone CY0946
50 Little Florida Mountains P5660 ft 5660 Inter. T24S, R7W, SEC 30 Florida Gap    
51 Little Hatchet Mountains Hachita Peak 6637 BM T28S, R16W, SEC 26 Hachita Peak Little Hatchet CF0282
52 Little San Pascual Mountains Little San Pascual Mtn 5535 BM T7S, R1E, SEC 8 Little San Pascual Mountain Beacon DS1294
53 Long Canyon Mountains P9403 ft 9403 Spot T6S, R16W, SEC 36 Collins Park    
54 Los Pinos Mountains Whiteface Mountain 7533 VABM T2N, R4E Becker High EQ0731
55 Luera Mountains Luera Peak 9482 Spot T5S, R10W, SEC 33 Luera Mountains West    
56 Magdalena Mountains South Baldy 10,787 BM T4S, R3W, SEC 6 South Baldy South DS1463
57 Mangas Mountains P9695 ft 9695 Spot T3S, R14W, SEC 16 Mangas Mountain    
58 Manzanita Mountains Isleta Lookout 8170 Inter. T6N, R5E, SEC 36 Tajique    
59 Manzano Mountains Manzano Peak 10,100 BM T4N, R5E, SEC 8 Manzano Peak Manzano EQ0698
60 Mesa Mountains P7153 ft 7153 Spot T32N, R10W, SEC 24 Mount Nebo    
61 Mockingbird Mountains P7475 ft 7475 Spot T9S, R5E, SEC 19 Mockingbird Gap    
62 Mogollon Mountains Whitewater Baldy 10,895 Spot T11S, R18W, SEC 19 Grouse Mountain    
63 Mud Springs Mountains Mud Mountain 5751 BM T13S, R5W, SEC 25 Cuchillo Cuchillo DS1400
64 Mule Mountains P6321 ft 6321 Spot T14S, R20W, SEC 11 Mule Creek    
65 Organ Mountains Organ Needle 8990 Inter. T22S, R4E, SEC 32 Organ Peak    
66 Ortega Mountains P8854 ft 8854 Spot T26N, R8E, SEC 33 La Madera    
67 Ortiz Mountains Placer Mountain 8900 BM   Golden Ortiz FO0960
68 Oscura Mountains Oscura Peak 8641 BM T8S, R6E, SEC 6 Oscura Peak 4 F 944 DS0201
69 Peloncillo Mountains Gray Mountain 6931 BM T28S, R20W, SEC 18 Indian Peak Gray CF0309
70 Picuris Mountains Picuris Peak LO 10,801 BM T23N, R12E, SEC 10 Penasco Picuris GM0815
71 Pinos Altos Range Black Peak 9029 Spot T16S, R13W, SEC 23 Twin Sisters Black  
72 Pyramid Mountains Pyramid Peak 6008 BM T24S, R18W, SEC 8 Pyramid Peak Y1931 None
73 Rincon Mountains Cuchillo de Fernando 11,395 Spot T24N, R15E, SEC 33 Osha Mountain    
74 Robledo Mountains Robledo Mountain 5890 BM T21S, R1W, SEC 35 Leasburg Robledo CX1735
75 Sacramento Mts., Sierra Blanca Sierra Blanca Peak 11,981 BM T11S, R11E Sierra Blanca Peak Sierra Blanca DR1010
76 Salado Mountains P6548 ft 6548 Spot T14S, R7W, SEC 1 Bell Mountain    
77 Saliz Mountains P7581 ft 7581 Spot T7S, R19W, SEC 5 Reserve    
78 San Andres Mountains Salinas Peak 8967 BM T12S, R5E, SEC 5 Salinas Peak  Salinas DS1225 
79 San Augustin Mountains Bear Peak 7087 Spot T21S, R4E, SEC 4 Bear Peak    
80 San Francisco Mountains Aspen Mountain 8980 Inter. T7S, R21W, SEC 13 Bull Basin    
81 San Luis Mountains Lang BM 6760 BM T34S, R19W, SEC 15 Lang Canyon [NM-SON-CHIH] Lang CF0292
82 San Mateo Mountains West Blue Mountain 10,336 Spot T7S, R6W, SEC 34 Blue Mountain    
83 San Mateo Mountains Mount Taylor 11,305 BM T12N, R7W, SEC 30 Mt Taylor Taylor FO1614
84 San Miguel Mountains St Peters Dome LO 8470 BM T18N, R5E Frijoles Dome FO0954
85 San Pedro Mountains San Pedro Peaks 10,610 Inter.   Nacimiento Peak    
86 San Pedro Mountains San Pedro Mountain 8245 VABM T12N, R7E, SEC 22 San Pedro Copper FO0978
87 Sandia Mountains Sandia Crest 10,678 BM T11N, R5E, SEC 6 Sandia Crest Sandia FO1008
88 Sangre de Cristo, Culebra Range P12,931 ft 12,931 Spot   Big Costilla Peak    
89 Sangre de Cristo, Fernando Mts. Sierra de Don Fernando 10,370 BM T24N, R14E, SEC 2 Shady Brook Don GM0853
90 Sangre de Cristo, Santa Fe Mts. Jicarita Peak 12,839 BM T21N, R13E Jicarita Peak Jicarita 2 GM0814
91 Sangre de Cristo, Taos Mountains Wheeler Peak 13,167 BM T27N, R14E, SEC 23 Wheeler Peak Wheeler GM0779
92 Sawtooth Mountains P9298 ft 9298 Spot T1N, R11W, SEC 1 Madre Mountain    
93 Sierra Aguilada Brushy Mountain 7408 BM T11S, R20W, SEC 32 Glenwood Brushy DT0699
94 Sierra Cuchillo Jaralosa Mountain 8332 BM T10S, R7W, SEC 8 Jaralosa Mountain Juan DS1428
95 Sierra de las Uvas Magdalena Peak 6628 BM T21S, R3W, SEC 8 Magdalena Peak Flat Top CX1816
96 Sierra de los Valles Shell Mountain 10,510 Inter. T20N, R5E Valle Toledo    
97 Sierra de Toledo Cerro Toledo 10,930 Inter. T20N, R5E Valle Toledo    
98 Sierra Ladrones P5846 ft 5846 Spot T2N, R2W La Joya NW    
99 Sierra Larga P7010 ft 7010 Inter. T2S, R3E, SEC 1 Sierra Larga North    
100 Sierra Lucero Mesa Gallina 7860 BM T6N, R4W, SEC 26 Mesa Gallina Lucero EQ1013
101 Sierra Nacimiento San Miguel Mountain 9477 BM T19N, R1E, SEC 20 San Miguel Mountain San Miguel FO1531
102 Sierra Rica P5483 ft 5483 Spot T29S, R14W, SEC 36 Double Wells    
103 Silver City Range Bear Mountain 8036 BM T17S, R15W, SEC 24 Silver City Bear 2 CY0966
104 Socorro Mountains P7284 ft 7284 Spot T3S, R1W, SEC 5 Socorro    
105 Summit Mountains Vanderbilt Peak 6816 BM T17S, R21W, SEC 3 Steeple Rock Line Reset  CY1083
106 Tres Hermanas Mountains North Peak 5804 BM T27S, R9W, SEC 36 North Peak North Sister CE0725
107 Tularosa Mountains Eagle Peak 9801 BM T7S, R17W, SEC 22 Eagle Peak Eagle Peak ET DT0708
108 Turkey Mountains P8450 ft 8450 Inter. T20N, R19E Maxson Crater    
109 Vera Cruz Mountains Tucson Mountain 8333 BM T8S, R13E, SEC 1 White Oaks South Tucson DR1028
110 Victorio Mountains P5382 ft 5382 Spot T24S, R12W, SEC 20 Gage    
111 West Potrillo Mountains P5546 ft 5546 Spot T26S, R3W, SEC 20 Mount Aden SW    
112 Whitewater Mountains P5910 ft 5910 Spot T34S, R17W, SEC 17 Whitewater Mountains[NM-CH]    
113 Zuni Mountains Mt Sedgwick 9259 VABM T11N, R12W, SEC 15 Mt Sedgwick Mt Sedgwick FP0465