Ogul Peak List, 63 Peaks

       The Ogul list was established by the Peak and Gorge Section of the Mother Lode Chapter of the Sierra Club to encourage peak climbing in the Lake Tahoe region. Ogul is the Washoe Indian word for mountain bighorn sheep which once ranged throughout the area. The list has 56 peaks in California and 7 peaks in Nevada. They extend from Wheeler Peak the most southerly peak, 12 miles northwest of Bridgeport to Adams Peak the most northerly which is about 30 miles northwest of Reno, Nevada.
       There is considerable overlap of peaks between the SPS list and the Ogul list. The following sixteen peaks on the Ogul list also appear on the SPS list:

 1. Adams Peak   9. Mt. Elwell
 2. Castle Peak  10. Mt. Lola
 3. Dicks Peak  11. Mt. Tallac
 4. English Mountain  12. Round Top
 5. Freel Peak  13. Sierra Buttes LO
 6. Granite Chief  14. Tinker Knob
 7. Mokelumne Peak  15. Highland Peak
 8. Mount Rose  16. Pyramid Peak

       A good climbing guide for many of the peaks on the Ogul list is the book Northern Sierra Peaks Guide, by Pete Yamagata. This is available by sending $10.00 to: Toiyabe Chapter, Sierra Club, Box 8096, Reno, NV 89507. Pete Yamagata has a web page that may have information on some of these peaks: http://www.lanset.com/pyamagata