This is a report with photos of a trip I took in August 2001. The trip was a guided one run by Exodus the British travel company. The trip was Exodus number TVN and it was the first time they had run this trip. Ours was the only one going in summer 2001. It was my first time going with Exodus and I would recommend this trip. It was run well and went according to plan. All of our group made the summit of Mt. Smolikas and also Mt. Olympus, the highest peak in Greece.   Exodus website:

Article: Vikos Gorge and Mt. Smolikas

Article: Metsovo, Meteora and Mt. Olympus

Photos from trip

Travel Notes

This map by Road Editions is good for highway travel in north central Greece. Covers Vikos Gorge, Mt. Smolikas, Meteora and Mt. Olympus. It is readily available in Greece. It is at 1:250,000 scale and shows many obscure forest roads as well as main highways. Does not have a Lat/Long grid. The cost is 2500 drachmas.
Logo of the Greek company that supported us on part of the trip: The Alpine Zone

This is an excellent hiking map at 1:50,000 scale of the Zagori region. Covers the Vikos Gorge and Astrakas Hut. Does not cover Mt. Smolikas. It is available in shops in the region for 1500 drachmas or 4.40 Euros. By Anavasi in Athens.

A great hiking map of Mt. Olympus at 1:50,000 scale. Map is available in small stores in Litochoro for 1500 drachmas. Map has Lat/Long and a special Greek UTM grid. Lat/Long grid is supposed to be WGS84 datum, but I found my position 16 seconds farther east and 24 seconds farther north than the map. This is by Anavasi in Athens.

Note: These maps may eventually be at Stanford's Book Shop in London, 12-14 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LP. Tele: 020-7836-1321. Website: