Photos from travels in Northern Nevada and California, May - June 2016

By Richard Carey

Strange eroded rock formations on Haystack Mountain in the Owens Valley near Lone Pine, CA.
More rock shapes on Haystack Mountain.
Looking down from the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine. A rainstorm across the Owens Valley from my campsite.
This is where I camped on a Jeep road up the south side of State Line Peak. An interesting drive.
Another view of the Sierra across Owens Valley. Still lots of snow in late May.
Looking down from the campsite on the Jeep road. It is steeper and narrower than it looks.
A pretty flower cluster on State Line Peak, NV.
I am at the summit cairn on Junper Mountain which is north of Fernley, Nevada.
A rough section on Granite Mountain, north of Gerlach, Nevada. The photo makes it look easy.
These might be the common tansy or golden button. Found in abundance on Division Peak, NV.
Plentiful flowers on Mahogany Peak, Nevada.
Big redwoods in Humboldt Redwood State Park. This is on the road to Grasshopper Peak. A wet spider web on the trail near Sandstone Peak, Ventura County, California.