Monserate Mountain, 1567 ft., California, northern San Diego County
Bonsall, 7.5 min. map dated 1975. Hiking route shown as thin red line. TH is the parking area on Pankey Road just south of Stewart Canyon Road. The hike is about 1.6 miles to the top on good trails and roads with an elevation gain of 1250 ft. (380 m).

Driving Directions: Exit from Interstate 15 at Pala Road and drive west to Old Highway 395 and turn right (north). Drive 2.6 miles then turn right on Stewart Canyon Road and go east under the Interstate to Pankey Road. Turn right and park on the right. The start of the trail is across the street and is marked by a sign, (See picture below).

Sign at the start of the hike. Most of the mountain is owned by the Fallbrook Land Conservancy.
5/14/2007 RLC
Monserate BM close to the highest point.