Boucher Hill Lookout, San Diego County, California,

Elevation = 5448 ft.

Located in Palomar Mountain State Park

Boucher Hill Lookout is currently (2016) staffed everyday through the fire season by dedicated volunteers. The structure underwent rebuilding in 2012 with new metal siding and a complete rework of the interior. This is the third lookout at this site with the first one a crude cabin built by the Forest Service in 1921. In 1934 a new building was put up by the CCC. The current building was installed in 1948. This lookout is on the National Historic Lookout Register #394. Since the lookout is in a state park you will have to pay a day use fee of $8.00 to visit. For visitors over age 62 it is $7.00.
This is how the lookout appeared in March, 2005. It was not in use at that time.
Boucher 2 benchmark near the lookout was placed in 1975. The original disk placed in 1939 was destroyed by construction of the parking lot. Datasheets: