Sierra el Mayor, Baja California Norte, Mexico, Elevation = 950 m (3117 ft.)

Located about 60 km (36 miles) south of Mexicali

View looking west at Sierra el Mayor at sunrise. The starting point for the hike is off to the right. We climbed the peak on February 20, 2010. We had a local guide, Alejandro Torres Garcia who can be reached at: 6861-110992. He does not speak English and lives in El Mayor.
The route goes west through a gravel pit then right around the end of a low black ridge then southeast in a broad wash. We soon climbed out of the wash on the route shown up to a ridge top.
Terry Flood coming up the ridge. Our route from the town is shown.
A rest break on the black ridge. The summit is still a few kilometers away. Approximate route shown.
We reached the summit after about 4 3/4 hours hiking. Abandoned radio gear on top. Amazing views of the Gulf to the east and the Sierra Juarez to the west. We found a register and improved the container.
Our group on top. From the left: Shelley Rogers, Mark Adrian, John Strauch (in back), Martha Woodworth (in front), Alejandro Garcia, Richard Carey, Terry Flood. Photo by Mark Adrian using timer.
The benchmark at the top, placed in 1957.
The museum in the small town of El Mayor. You can leave your car safely here. Leave a tip for the lady proprietor if you don't go with a local guide. The town and museum are 70 km (42 miles) south on highway #5 from the border crossing in Mexicali. Map of hiking route (1.5 meg) A GPS waypoint file for this route is available: ElMayor.gpx